Dr. Meshack Ndirangu

Country Director, Amref Health Africa in Kenya

Dr Ndirangu Wanjuki is a tech-savvy accredited coach & entrepreneurial strategist. He brings more than 20 years’ experience developing and providing leadership for public health initiatives in Africa. He is passionate about the application of social entrepreneurship and shared value as vehicles for sustainable social impact.

Dr Ndirangu is on a mission to contribute to transformation of the health of people in Kenya by positioning Amref Health Africa to be a leading catalyst for change in the health & wellness sector. The local NGO has an ambitious plan to train 120,000 front-line health workers, improve quality, access to health care, and financial protection from catastrophic health expenditure for 25 million people In Kenya. Dr Ndirangu acknowledges that Amref cannot achieve these alone – therefore ‘we seek shared value partnerships with those who share a common purpose to transform the health of Kenyans for good’.

Team leadership & people development is Dr Ndirangu’s overarching and highly developed capability. Working with a passionate Senior Management Team, he is providing leadership for programs (grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements) worth over USD 40 million – ensuring sound management of finances, procurement, human resources, M & E, quality, compliance, and risk. The programs span: health systems strengthening focusing on HRH, health care financing, and community development; reproductive, maternal & child health; HIV, TB, malaria; response to NCDs through lifestyle & workplace wellness initiatives; and water, sanitation & hygiene.

Dr Ndirangu’s academic qualifications include: MBA; MPH; MBChB; PD-Executive Coaching.

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