Floortje van Iterson

Medical Student

I am Floortje van Iterson and I recently attained my Bachelor’s in Medicine at Leiden University, The Netherlands. Currently, I am a fourth-year medical student, with a great interest in Africa. Therefore I chose to attend the “Global Health” minor and I will start my scientific internship in Tanzania in January 2020. During my minor “Global Health”, my interest for Africa has been intensified, learning about African cultures and customs. Numerous guest speakers lectured about their time abroad and I became enthusiastic about international health. Because of my coming internship, I also started studying Kiswahili at Leiden University. Apart from my interest in Africa, I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and education. Therefore, I had several side jobs, for example teaching fellow students how to stitch up wounds. Because of my interests, I wanted to sign up for the Student Panel of Innovate for Life. I am ready for a new challenge and I am looking forward to be a member of the Student Panel!

innovateforlifeFloortje van Iterson